Day Two: More Andrew and Annie; Simone and the Killer Bunnies

Anyone who knows Newell knows how much he LOVES Thorlo socks. He’s pretty low key about most things, but is demanding about his socks. Andrew took us shopping for Thorlos, contributing to a very happy Newelly 🙂

We ate lunch out, then headed back to the house. Annie had invited her friend Simone to dinner. I asked Andrew what he wanted me to make for dessert. He replied won tons. yum. Spontaneously the menu changed and wontons became the entree. Simone, who is deploying to Afghanistan, was an enchanting lady, she changed my preconceived notion about female soldiers!

After dinner, we played several rounds of Killer Bunnies. Tim was familiar with the card game. I’d never heard of it, it was crazy and a lot of fun.