Day Four: Misery and Illinois

Sorry, that’s Missouri; Andrew renamed it after going through army basic training there. I LOVED Missouri. I really LOVED IT!

We visited Jackson County Mo, where modern revelation has pinpointed the location of the Garden of Eden. This site in Independence, MO is where the temple of New Jerusalem will be built. The scriptures say the glory of the Lord will be there and it will be a place of gathering; a place of peace, refuge and safety.

Liberty Jail, where Joseph Smith and friends endured much misery; but in the end grew stronger and more capable. The amazing revelations found in the Doctrine and Covenants 121 – 123 were received in this lowly, holy place.

Adam Ondi Ahman, the place where God and man connected. After leaving Eden, Adam and Eve traveled here to live and start their family, making it the literal cradle of civilization. Before Christ’s second coming, He will meet with Adam, the prophets and priesthood holders here for a report of their stewardshiips. It is a beautiful, peaceful valley.

The mighty Mississippi viewed from Nauvoo. The Latter-day Saints bought property here, drained the swamp and built Nauvoo “Beautiful Place” into the second largest city in Illinois in its day.

We visited the Red Brick Store where the first Relief Society was organized. It had been demolished and reconstructed, but the original feeling of good still lingered…

Here’s Tim who is actually too cool to spend this many days with his parents, but he was a good sport!