A Spiritual Feast

This weekend modern prophets and apostles will be presenting a spiritual feast for all to enjoy. Words of encouragement and wisdom will be spoken, as well as beautifully inspiring music presented by the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may be viewed on television, or accessed online at lds.org at 10 […]

German Chocolate cake

    For Kelli and everyone who enjoys this sehr gut dessert – enjoy! GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE       Heat oven to 350*. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the bottom of (3) 8 or 9″ round      cake pans, cut paper towels or napkins to fit and place in pan (or waxed paper). Place in a       heatproof bowl […]

How to sign up as a follower…

Thank you family and friends! I appreciate your support. Here’s how to sign up as a follower: Look at the right column near the ads. About halfway down the page it says”Followers” and under that “g follow.” Click on “g follow,” it will then say: Gmail, Twitter and Yahoo. Click on one of those choices and you’re finished! I’ll post […]

Irish Cloud

This dessert will make you happy and entice your little ones to eat their cabbage. IRISH CLOUD Layer in dessert dishes in the following order1. brownies or chocolate muffins, crumbled2. hot fudge sauce3. Mint ‘n chip ice cream4. hot fudge sauce5. whipped cream Garnish with Sees gold foil-covered chocolate coins. Serve Immediately. HOT FUDGE SAUCE Melt in microwaveable bowl1 package […]

Shamrocks & Service

For St. Patrick’s Day, enlist the help of invisible leprechauns to help around the house or classroom. Ask family (or class) members to perform good deeds for each other anonymously and leave paper or glitter shamrocks to mark the spot; made bed, shoes picked up, mirror wiped, etc.) Collect the shamrocks to place on the table for St. Patrick’s Day […]